Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It’s been some time since I have written anything on this blog. I have been busy in the start up phase for some projects. For one of the projects I will be assigned to in the near future, interoperability and web service security will be a big issue. To refresh my memory I decided to go through the Basic Profile 1.0 (BP) specification once again. This profile provides implementation guidelines that help you build web services with maximum interoperability. The web services interoperability organization (WS-I) provides sample implementations (build by different vendors) that demonstrate web service interoperability across the different platforms.


Currently the WS-I is working on the Basic Security Profile (BSP), which covers building interoperable secure web services. The BSP covers guidance for both transport level security and (soap) message level security. Personally I am more interested in the message level security issues. To understand the BSP better I am also spending some time again on the WS-Security specs which describe in detail how to secure web services on the message level. Of course when thinking of web services and security in a Microsoft world we cannot forget WSE, so that is also on my ToDo list again.


At first, reading through these WS-* specs and profiles doesn’t seem very interesting but having a detailed look at the implementation that is available (WSE and BP 1.0 sample application) makes life a little more interesting. After having spent some time on it I even start to like it. So, maybe I’ll be back with more info about web service security soon. (I promise I’ll try to make this blog not more boring than it already is).