Friday, May 20, 2005

Currently Microsoft is working on a sample application that is compliant with the WS-I Basic Security Profile (BSP). This sample application shows you how to build secure web services using WSE. Besides this, the sample also demonstrates interoperability issues and gives some guidance on how to design services that can evolve technology changes by separating the business logic from the transport.


The sample is a “preview release” because the BSP specs don’t have the final status yet. The preview is built using Visual Studio 2003 and WSE 2.0. The final release (which will be available after the BSP specs are final) will be implemented with Visual Studio 2005 and WSE 3.0.


I was one of the lucky ones (J) participating in the reviewing team. So, I had the change to look at the code in an early stage and provide some feedback. I think that this sample is definitely worthwhile spending some time on for anyone interested in web service security and interoperability.


 The sample application will be available somewhere in the coming weeks. Today there is already a webcast available from the Patterns and Practises live site (direct link WS-I BSP webcast) for download. Go check it out!