Wednesday, August 03, 2005

After installing the DSL toolkit it is relatively easy to create and maintain the “domain model file” by drag and drop items on the designer that comes with the toolkit. After that, however, you have to get the “designer model file” in synch with the “domain model file”. This file is used to generate C# code that makes it possible to use your language in the experimental build version of Visual Studio.Net.


Getting this designer file in synch, really is a pain in the ass! It is a lot of work and for people not very familiar with the designer file structure (yet) it’s very likely to make mistakes with it. I assume Microsoft didn't have the time to solve this issue for this release of the DSL Toolkit but I hope they will solve it for the final release!?


Fortunately I found this Visual Studio add-in that makes it real easy to keep the two files in synch. Modelisoft, thank you for making my life a little less painful!

According to this posting of Daniel Cazzulino, Visual Studio Add-ins are dead. This might be true but this add-in is definitely alive and kicking!